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Commission- BlocksLucinda Carlstorm

Lucinda Carlstrom There is no finer example of fine art merging with high crat than the quilt creations of Lucinda Carlstrom’s. Her artistry utilizes a wide variety of materials like Japanese papers, hand painted papers, gold-leaf, and new and re-cycled silk and more. Each section can be studied for its composition, color and texture. She has received her BFA from Atlanta College of Art, and studied at the Ringling School of Art and the Instituto Allende in Mexico. Her pieces hang in a who’s who of top corporate collections and has exhibit nationally for years. Her work represents John Nesbit’s prediction of the role handmade pieces would play in a backlash to the technology wave in civilization in his book, Megatrends. Carlstrom’s art is universal and timeless.


For more information about Lucinda, email: duncanspreview@gmail.com or call 404.483.9663