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City by the Adriatic
City by the Adriatic
9.5"x7.5" Charcoal, cardboard, colored pencil, tissue paper, acrylic paint

Diane Evans

Diane Evans possesses a wonderful sense of color, texture and composition. Her images are fresh and delightful influenced by her experiences abroad, domestic travels, her personal interests and study of nature. Her works focus on the relationship between objects and negative space and recreating images using various media.

Ms. Evans, a graduate of the Dayton Art Institute, spent several years in visual merchandise for Mass Brothers in Tampa and Neiman Marcus in Atlanta.  She taught art for nearly three decades at St. Anne’s Episcopal Day School.  In Italy she studied art with Reggio Emilia, and locally her studies included painting with Chery Baird and clay with Carol Brull of the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta.  Ms. Evans now serves as Curator of the Gallery at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. She understands the demands of the interior design trade and is presently accepting commissions.  

For more information about Diane,
email: duncanspreview@gmail.com or call 404.483.9663